We get it.

As a successful network marketer, there are a lot of balls you have to keep in the air. And not all of them need YOUR BRAIN to get done.

This is where Wilder Virtual Assistants come in. We are here to take on the tasks that are necessary to get done but don't need your attention.

We offer levels of support so that you can find the best fit for what you need. Whether you need ongoing support or project support, we have something to fit your needs.

I specialize in strategies that not only enhance team dynamics but also prioritize team retention. Your team's continued success depends on feeling consistently supported, empowered, and recognized for their hard work. By implementing targeted approaches, we can foster a culture where your team members are not just contributors but integral players, ensuring they stay committed and impactful.

Let's work together to elevate your leadership, transform your team, and achieve sustainable success.

Your business hinges on its customer base! The goal is not just to keep current customers but also to continually bring in new ones. Maintaining consistent engagement and ensuring your customers feel valued are pivotal elements that significantly contribute to securing repeat sales.

Services include:

daily education for customer groups

weekly text tips for customers

promotion marketing

posting and managing giveaways

monthly newsletters

customer postcards

continuing education marketing

Pricing dependent on services chosen. Starts at $200 per month.

As an accomplished Network Marketer who has successfully cultivated and led expansive teams, you understand the delicate balance between managing and leading. The challenge lies in ensuring your leadership shines through, allowing you to step away from a purely managerial role for the sake of your time and well-being.

Let me assist you in transitioning from the day-to-day managerial tasks, allowing you to reclaim your role as a visionary leader. Together, we can redefine the dynamics within your team, creating an environment where your leadership is felt, and your team members are inspired.

Services include:

monthly recognition

daily education for builder groups

provide marketing for continuing education

marketing for team events and calls

Pricing dependent on services chosen. Starts at $100 per month.

Undoubtedly, social media forms a crucial aspect of every Network Marketing venture—it's essentially your lifeblood! The desire is to showcase your exceptional products, opportunities, and personal brand in a compelling manner, leaving your audience eager to delve deeper. If the constant struggle to keep up or the sensation of navigating without a clear plan prevails, it's high time to regain control. Let's establish a more manageable and effective system tailored to your needs, ensuring tangible results.

Services include:

content scheduling

graphic creation

caption writing

content creation for customer + builder education groups

story + reels support

Pricing dependent on services chosen. Starts at $300 per month.

Contrary to the notion that "email is dead," it's quite the opposite. Email marketing continues to thrive, offering a reliable means of engagement and a powerful tool to keep your audience informed, interested, and eager for more.

You possess valuable content beyond your products and aim to remain a prominent presence for your community, customers, team members, and newcomers to your funnel. Crafting a comprehensive email marketing strategy is essential for nurturing, retaining, and converting your audiences. This strategy not only sets you apart but also builds a foundation of trust, making your audience anticipate and welcome the content you deliver.

Services include:

monthly newsletters

promotion announcements

list management

weekly email tips

Pricing dependent on services chosen. Starts at $100 per month.

Ongoing monthly supports starts at $497 a month.

Each client's service package is tailor-made to meet their specific and unique requirements.


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Let's get started!

Once the contract and payment are received we will meet to get started and start handing tasks over!

Wilder Virtual Assistants Testimonials
Wilder Virtual Assistants Testimonials
Wilder Virtual Assistants Testimonials

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I'm a wife, mom, and for sure the favorite aunt! I live in Tennessee which is my FAVORITE place in the world. Especially in October. Organization is my secret superpower, and when people say "you saved me Bree!" I do a little happy dance. Let's chat about how I can help you dance through your day!

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