My work over the span of my career has included many years as the primary assistant supporting fellow entrepreneurs in building their businesses. This has included providing support in a fast-paced, intense sales organization as a marketing assistant for over 25+ professionals, managing calendars, creating social content, managing expenses, setting up and troubleshooting online systems, and many other tasks. I have also previously managed other employees, ran events, had my own photography business, and have worked in client care in one aspect or another for my entire career. I hold my Bachelors Degree in Communications and continually educate myself through online courses, books, podcasts, networking and have a membership in the American Society of Administrative Professionals. Being a fellow small business owner allows me to bring a unique set of skills to helping you run your business. I understand the challenges, customer care and ways of doing business.


years in marketing experience


years in business as an online business manager

I'm a natural born helper, and I've got the Enneagram 2w1 badge to prove it! My top 5 Strengths are Relator, Connectedness, Empathy, Positivity, and Achiever. What does that mean? Well, it means I'm your new secret weapon for success! I'm obsessed with organizing - give me a calendar and a checklist, and I'm in heaven. But here's the kicker - I believe that anything can be fun if you approach it the right way. I love helping others succeed, and I'll do whatever it takes to streamline your processes and take those pesky tasks off your plate. Because let's be real, who wants to waste time on that stuff when there's money to be made? Let's make business fun together!

Nothing feels better than being prepared and executing a plan. My top 5 strengths are Relator, Responsibility, Achiever, Focus & Harmony. The perfect "office" set up for me is a busy coffee shop with music I can sing along with blaring in my headphones. I am lucky to live the travel trailer life with my husband Richard and our pup Reba. We get to move as needed for Richard's work and enjoy California for all that it has to offer!

I'm a bookworm, essential oil enthusiast, and chicken wrangler. My family is what really lights me up. I'm married to an amazing guy who supports all my wild dreams, and our 14-year-old son is basically a genius (or at least smarter than us!). We love adventuring in the Smoky Mountains, cheering on our kiddo at football games, and just hanging out as a fam. We spend a lot of time with our extended family and have all (TOGETHER!) recently packed up and moved to TN together, and let me tell you, being a Tia to my nieces and nephews is the BEST.

Ongoing monthly supports starts at $497 a month.

Each client's service package is tailor-made to meet their specific and unique requirements.


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Wilder Virtual Assistants Testimonials
Wilder Virtual Assistants Testimonials
Wilder Virtual Assistants Testimonials

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